Weeding is important and time consuming – let us do it for you!

Here at Ironwood Garden Care we understand weeding and the importance of weed free borders. After all – one year’s seed is often one years weed!

We are happy to do regular maintenance or one off clear ups. We prefer to do weeding using hand tools to make sure borders are as pristine as possible.

Staff are fully trained to use commercial grade pesticides for trickier weeds such as ground elder and other tough weeds. The chemicals are bio-degradeable so they will only kill the plant that they are sprayed on making it safe to plant other plants after the weed has died.

Whilst we are happy to do hand weeding as often as is necessary we often encourage customers to consider weed suppressers such as mulch or bark. Not only can this reduce the cost for the client, it can also help the borders and the plants in the borders by holding in moisture and providing much needed nutrients.

What is a weed?

People often get confused with what plants are weeds and what plants are worth keeping. The definition of a weed is an unwanted plant.

When arranging to do weeding we will often check with you what plants you like, please refer to the RHS website ( https://www.rhs.org.uk/advice/beginners-guide/control-weeds ) to see more on the subject.

Weeding of Brambles and Euphorbia left a clean and tidy area.
A clearance / weeding of an old compost heap that was overgrown with weeds.

General maintenance starts at £15. The price depends on access to the property and whether waste needs to be removed. However, due to travel time we are unable to do 1 hour appointments. Unless the customer is happy to pay for 2 hours’ work.

For smaller gardens we often recommend coming for less frequent but longer visits to help save the customer money.