What were once saplings can quickly become small trees that can damage patios or block out the sun. This is why we do small tree removals. Whether your tree is dead or just no longer wanted we are happy to come and remove small trees completely, leaving a clean and tidy garden.

Small tree removals – Conservation

We believe that the enviroment should be looked after and we will always do our best to make sure that trees are not cut down for no reason at all. However, we understand that a garden is a place to be enjoyed and sculpted to the owners vision.

When designing gardens we will consdier the growth a plant, shrub or tree may put on and put it in a location that will suit it for it’s life time to avoid small tree removals.

Tree reductions

Reducing small trees can often help keep them to a desired size. Major reductions can be done to reduce tree size whislt avoiding small tree removals which can leave gaps in gardens.

Please refer to the RHS website to read more on the subject ( ).

Tree removal has to be priced individually so call now for a free quote!