Spring is here! Time to re-tame the garden!

Spring has arrived! Let’s start to take control of the garden again!

Early spring flowers.

Spring has arrived and soon the flowers will be blooming, the grass will be growing and birds will be cherping. This is an excellent time to arranage a visit with us so we can provide a free no obligation quote.

As soon as spring came so will summer and we all like to enjoy our time in the garden during summer whether it’s sun bathing or having BBQ’s with family. By contacting us now we can make sure your garden is in perfect condition in time for those summer months.

Although winter is only just ending there are flowers and plants already blooming that will soon attract wild life to your garden. Call now so we can make sure your borders are fresh and tidy and your lawns are cut.

As birds start to nest, hedge cutting slows down. As it’s not only against the law but also the morals of our team to disturb nesting birds. If a hedge is free of nesting birds we will be more than happy to tidy it up for you. However, if a bird is nesting we will refuse to cut it until the birds have finsihed nesting.

Whilst all the spring bulbs are probably naturally occuring they can become over crowded and stop producing flowers, by dividing them you can spread the prettiness throughout the garden. Please refer to the RHS website for more information – ( https://www.rhs.org.uk/Advice/Profile?PID=658 )

Arrange a free no obligation quote now by calling 07505603136 or emailing ironwoodgardencare@hotmail.com

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